City and classic bikes

The city bike, our obvious choice!

Riding in the city is a matter of course for all urban cyclists! To find the ideal two-wheeler, Cycles Devos offers you an ultra complete range of city bikes. The advantage of these city bikes at Cycles Devos?

  • A more upright position for more comfort, in line with Dutch bikes.
  • City bike models for all needs. From the most classic to the sportiest to get out of the city and into the woods!

Need a bike to ride around town? Devos cycles have your solution!

The classic bicycle, quality and comfort

The range offered by Cycles Devos is of course distinguished by its quality proven by our specialists and the entire range of the most renowned manufacturers: Granville, Batavus, Giant, Gitane, Diamond, Push, Koga... Classic or sports bikes for men, women or mixed!

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