Folding bikes

The folding bike for maximum freedom!

The folding bike is the ideal solution for combining your journeys by public transport or even by car with those you make by bike, for example in town. The folding bike therefore allows you to reinvent your mobility in complete comfort, thanks to its many qualities. And in particular...

  • the ease and speed of folding and unfolding your bike;
  • the lightness of the folding bike, which makes it easy to carry in all circumstances.

Cycles Devos offers you quality folding bikes at a low price. Of course, we offer you a wide range of models, with the added bonus of advice from our specialists on how to choose your model from the best brands. In particular Dahon, the absolute reference in the sector, but also Giant, Diamond or Kogar.

In addition, we offer several Dahon, Solex and E-Move electric bikes for effortless pedalling!

Need a folding bike? We make it easy for you to choose!

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